1 Betty Betty | E-mail | Web | 26. dubna 2008 v 18:37 | Reagovat

I feel sorry about the end of the blog but I understand it! I wish you good luck for the new things!! Take a care and thanks for everythin!!


2 Batu Batu | E-mail | 26. dubna 2008 v 18:46 | Reagovat

Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that.

You don't know me at all, but I often come to your blog =). It's one of the greatest blogs EVER and I'm really sorry about your decision. But of course I don't blame you, you have to live your life. And I can understand perfectly what you said about your time, we can say I'm your colleague ;) It's not easy, even if some could not understand this.

But I want let you know that you made a great job. You wanted to be known abroad? Well, I can confirm you made it! xD

I'll miss this blog so much.

Good luck for the future <3 ^.-

3 Noy Noy | 26. dubna 2008 v 19:28 | Reagovat

Its so sad...I loved this blog...

well, good luck :]

Noy from Israel <3

4 Lizka Lizka | 26. dubna 2008 v 22:06 | Reagovat

schaden... ;(

Lizka (17) Polen ;)

5 Uni Uni | E-mail | 26. dubna 2008 v 23:49 | Reagovat

I'm really sorry...

I love this blog so much!...

It's real finish? Are you sure?

Оh, God, I can't believe *_*

6 Fay Fay | 27. dubna 2008 v 1:37 | Reagovat

thats not fair, i really miss this blog.

7 Tacy Tacy | 27. dubna 2008 v 6:47 | Reagovat

I loved so much this blog

thank you and Good luck ;) =)

8 MoNiSeK (webmiss) - Tom's V.I.P. Princess MoNiSeK (webmiss) - Tom's V.I.P. Princess | E-mail | Web | 27. dubna 2008 v 10:54 | Reagovat

Betty,  Batu, Noy, Lizka, Fay, Tacy: thank you girls, really I´m sorry :-(

Uni: yes, really. This is real finish :-(

9 Linda Linda | Web | 27. dubna 2008 v 11:04 | Reagovat

Oh... :( I loved this blog very very much :( But i understand you :)

Good luck for the future and take care Monisek :)


10 MoNiSeK (webmiss) - Tom's V.I.P. Princess MoNiSeK (webmiss) - Tom's V.I.P. Princess | E-mail | Web | 27. dubna 2008 v 12:13 | Reagovat

Thank you so much Linda!

11 x x | 27. dubna 2008 v 19:46 | Reagovat

yeah, i loved this blog, too. And... I stay miss this blog.

But, take care Monisek : ) !

12 anonim anonim | 27. dubna 2008 v 20:08 | Reagovat

ich liebe tokio hotel....a ta děvka co to zrušila je oclea blbá teda:(

13 Seipht Seipht | 27. dubna 2008 v 23:53 | Reagovat

I can say this is the first time I leave a comment here. But I used to visit this blog to see your updates. I've really appreciated your hard work and the devotion you put in your daily work. I can understand you. Tokio Hotel take away a lot of time. It's a passion that grows up in you and you can't get rid of it. And there are people who wish to spread this passion by finding and giving news and translating articles every day. You're one of them. So I can only thank you for doing all of this for all these months.

Take care and good luck! ^^

14 Kaia [sLOVEnia] Kaia [sLOVEnia] | E-mail | Web | 28. dubna 2008 v 11:01 | Reagovat

thanks a lot for everything... it was really the best blog... here you could find everything... ^^

take care <3*

15 Alena Alena | 28. dubna 2008 v 12:59 | Reagovat

oh, what a pitty! i liked your blog so much!!! good luck!

alena from russia))))))))))

16 purple rain purple rain | E-mail | 28. dubna 2008 v 23:02 | Reagovat

Hey, I never posted a coment on your site, but this time I will, because I was a regular visitor on your site. You really did an amazing job and I wanna thank you for all the work you did for us. I completlly understand you, because I was in the same situacion like you are. I also had s TH blog and I was really succesful publishing it world wide. But at the same time - it was a tough job too. It's not easy at all to seek for informations, news, pics and interviews every day. It also takes a lot of time translating all the interviews in your mother language. Somethimes I spent hours and hours just to form a blog. Once I realized It's not worth all of my free time to spend just for that blog. So one day I closed it - just like you did. Now I feel a relief. And I can start reading other blogs :)

Thanks for all of your time! I wish you all of the best on your future life. I never known you, but still, I feel I must say thanks too you. As I said - your job was incerdible and your blog was one of the best in CZ.


Mellanie (22) from Germany.

17 Uni Uni | E-mail | 29. dubna 2008 v 0:37 | Reagovat

MoNiSeK, =[

well...thank you so much for your work.

Good Luck;)

We love You<3

18 bridgi bridgi | E-mail | Web | 29. dubna 2008 v 20:05 | Reagovat

hello girl:)

i am so sorry  to heard,or read that,but  this is the truth.Godd luck girl,i love you much,and this site to:):) kiss kiss from bridgi

19 Schwarze Engel Schwarze Engel | E-mail | 3. června 2008 v 12:49 | Reagovat

Oh, God.... =~( No...

I liked your blog very much, aspecially because of it's wonderful design!

I will visit your personal blog, but the problem is it's not in English! =(

Well, anyway I was glad to be a little part of your life!


Olga, Moscow

20 oliii oliii | 26. srpna 2008 v 22:54 | Reagovat

u rock!

21 alia alia | E-mail | 1. listopadu 2008 v 0:30 | Reagovat



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